thePitch will be back in October 2021!


What is thePitch?

thePitch is a competition focused on advertising and its associated disciplines. You will receive hands-on experience by working with a Pittsburgh advertising agency on a real-world project with a local non-profit organization.    

Who should register?

YOU… if you are a junior or senior interested in the field of advertising and its related disciplines (creative, consumer research, brand strategy, media planning, account management, etc.). The cost is $35 per student and includes an AAF Pittsburgh Student Membership.

How does thePitch work?

Students will work on one of several agency teams to address a client challenge.  About a week before the event you will be assigned (via the email address you provide on the application form) to an agency team and given more details about the deliverables and the client.  On our start date, we will kick off the program and by then you will have been emailed all of the information needed to get to work with your team. 

What agencies are participating?

Some of the top agencies in Pittsburgh participate in thePitch.  Past agencies include 9 Rooftops, Brunner, Chemistry, Garrison Hughes, Gatesman, Moxie, Red House, Smith Brothers Agency and Tonic 

Why do you need to participate?

thePitch is intensive, real world, and really cool. You will gain invaluable insight into the advertising world and its work, while gaining access to a top Pittsburgh agency and its ad professionals. You will build your resume, professional portfolio, and contacts while doing something that will help you determine if this field is right for you. 

What’s in it for you?

  • American Advertising Federation Pittsburgh Student Membership
  • Exposure to agency personnel and AAF Pittsburgh board mentors and members.


What happens if your team wins the competition?

Winning team members are entitled to:

  • Public recognition at the Pittsburgh American Advertising Awards show.
  • Resume review by industry professionals, followed by resume distribution to the entire AAF Pittsburgh Board of Directors for potential future employment consideration.
  • Possible execution of concepts by the client.
  • Best of all – Bragging rights!

If you have any questions at all about the program, or if you should participate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Senneway, AAF Pittsburgh Education Chair:

If you are a professor/advisor and would like to be kept in the loop on thePtich, please contact Rebecca Senneway, AAF Pittsburgh Education Chair: