Nurturing the future

Few professions rely so much on a constant influx of fresh ideas and young talent as advertising. The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation is committed to attracting the brightest young stars to our area and nurturing the future marketing professionals now in school.

The leap from campus to workforce comes quickly. To make that transition smooth and rewarding, students are encouraged to get involved early and often in seminars, student competitions and events, as well as apply for various internship and scholarship opportunities. Working alongside ad professionals exposes you to real-world situations and gives you the kind of hands-on experience you can’t get in a classroom. Our speaker series provide you invaluable insights into what’s next in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Student membership
Student memberships are $25, a modest amount considering the one-to-one access you gain to top advertising professionals as well as educational and networking opportunities.

AAF College and University Student Chapters
The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation actively supports student chapters through organization, sponsorship and implementation of local competitions. We are proud to support student chapters at:

Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Duquesne University
Point Park College
Saint Vincent’s College

Information on starting your own chapter is available online.

Need a speaker?
Ad people love an audience. Members often speak on campus and to student ad clubs. If your school or group would like to schedule a presentation, call or email the Advertising Federation and we will work to meet your request.

The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation offers scholarship opportunities to qualifying students. Please contact , for more information.

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