Few professions rely so much on a constant influx of fresh ideas and young talent as advertising. The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation is committed to attracting the brightest young stars to our area and nurturing the future marketing professionals now in school.

The leap from campus to workforce comes quickly. To make that transition smooth and rewarding, students are encouraged to get involved early and often in seminars, student competitions, and events, as well as apply for various internship and scholarship opportunities. Working alongside ad professionals exposes you to real-world situations and gives you the kind of hands-on experience you can’t get in a classroom. Our speaker series provide you invaluable insights into what’s next in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Student membership
Student memberships are only $25, a modest amount considering the one-to-one access you gain to top advertising professionals as well as educational and networking opportunities.

AAF College and University Student Chapters
The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation actively supports student chapters through organization, sponsorship, and implementation of local competitions. We are proud to support student chapters at:

Contact us for information on starting your own chapter!


The Pitch

What is The Pitch?

The Pitch is a 2-­‐part competition focused on advertising and its associated disciplines. You will receive hands-­‐on experience by working at a Pittsburgh advertising agency on a real-­‐world project with a local non-­‐profit organization. The first part of the program is a one-­‐day challenge that takes place in one of six participating agencies. After the first phase, the competition field will be narrowed to two teams. Those teams then compete live.

Who should register?

YOU… if you are a junior or senior interested in the field of advertising and its related disciplines (creative, consumer research, brand strategy, media planning, account management, etc.). The cost is $35 per student and includes lunch.

How does The Pitch work?

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, you will work on one of six teams to address a client challenge. Once registration is closed you will be assigned to an agency and given more details about the day.

What agencies are participating?

This year’s competition includes: Brunner, Chemistry, Garrison Hughes, Gatesman+Dave, MARC, and Red House.

Why do you need to participate?

The Pitch is intensive, real world, and really cool. You will gain invaluable insight into the advertising world and its work, while gaining access to a top Pittsburgh agency and its ad professionals. You will build your resume, professional portfolio, and contacts while doing something that will help you determine if this field is right for you.

What’s in it for you?

Pittsburgh Advertising Federation Student Membership
Exposure to agency setting and to agency personnel
Goodie Bag

What happens if your team moves onto Phase 2?

Your team will prepare for the live presentation tentatively schedule for Friday, November 11, 2016 at Point Park University’s JVH Auditorium.

Register here!


The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation awards scholarships annually for students pursuing a curriculum suited for careers in communication, marketing or advertising in colleges and universities in Western Pennsylvania. Thanks to an endowment administered by The Pittsburgh Foundation, up to five students receive a scholarship from Pittsburgh Advertising Federation Scholarship Fund, $1,500 each toward their education.


  • Have a residence in Southwestern PA.
  • Applicant must submit a resume as it would be presented to an employer.
  • Demonstrate academic interest or creative talent in fields of studies pursuant to a career in advertising (i.e. advertising, art, business, communications, graphic design, marketing, public relations, writing).
  • Submit an original letter of academic recommendation from a faculty member familiar with the students’ abilities.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • Write and submit an essay: brief essay, written as a letter, explaining what qualities the student possesses that would qualify them for the scholarship

How to apply

  • Provide a high school transcript
  • Provide a college transcript
  • Provide one letter of reference
  • Provide one letter of recommendation
  • Write and submit an essay: brief essay, written as a letter, explaining what qualities the student possesses that would qualify them for the scholarship

Contact for more information

The Pittsburgh Foundation: Deborah Turner at turnerd@pghfdn.org
Interested students should complete the application and submit to The Pittsburgh Foundation.