Who are you?

You’re a young professional, under 32, still in college or fresh out, and you live in the Pittsburgh area. You work in or are interested in advertising and marketing. You are eager to learn more about the industry and how Pittsburgh is gaining recognition on the national advertising stage. You’re looking for a chance to learn, grow, give back or maybe just meet people with similar interests.

Who are we?

We are your new best friends. Whether you’re just out of school and think advertising seems kind of cool, or you’re well-established in your career and looking for an opportunity to inspire tomorrow’s award-winning talent, there’s a place for you in Ad 2. We are lifelong learners eager to participate and contribute. We are advertising professionals dedicated to giving students and young professionals a foot in the door and the support they need. And we are community members interested in giving back.

Affiliates of the AAF, we work hand-in-hand with the American Advertising Federation Pittsburgh sponsoring networking events, topical events, resume and interview support, monthly social gatherings, and advertising competitions and awards. We provide opportunities for you to grow, learn, meet, greet, brag, boast, and dream with the hope that someday you will lead, mentor, discover, develop, innovate, and create. We can’t wait to meet you, new best friend.

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