We are marketers, creatives, media specialists, producers, strategists and vendor partners who share a passion about advertising and the important role it plays in the continued growth of Pittsburgh. We also believe advertising makes a terrible spectator sport. So get involved. Here you’ll find educational and employment opportunities, as well as a chance to develop professional and social networks. Come join in and be part of a truly dynamic, energetic organization.

If you produce, create, place, approve, plan, teach or study advertising, there’s a place for you in the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation. Our membership spans all disciplines and cuts across traditional as well as emerging mediums. The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation encourages professional excellence and integrity and works to develop the next generation of advertising professionals.

To that goal, we stage a broad and dynamic schedule of networking and educational opportunities. Some events and seminars cater to the interests of specific disciplines, while others offer a broader appeal for all members.

The Pittsburgh Advertising Federation is a long-standing member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), a national organization of 50,000 professionals in 220 professional advertising clubs, 220 college chapters, and 110 corporations.

Since its founding in 1923, the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation has developed into an extraordinarily diverse and active club with active representation from virtually every major local agency, advertiser, media, and production entity in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Make it official.

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